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Where is Summer League

Trevaris Lecount 

After the NBA season ends the draft follows. Due to the NBA expanding now as a global product, Olympic and international competition, streaming sites and NBA TV premiering nearly 20 years ago( somehow it doesn't seem that long) the NBA has become an all year product. Right before the NBA takes the break before training camps the NBA has its annual summer league tournament in Las Vegas, Nevada. Its a opportunity  for rookies and young players to showcase their talents as the NBA does not have a long preseason. With the pandemic putting a halt on the NBA season, everything has been pushed back and the fans are seeing these things happen in real time. One thing that is quite revealing is the desire for young talent to want to play in the NBA. I set out to actually find out are we going to have a summer league or not?

So can you truly have a summer league in the fall, well if you were Las Vegas would be an amazing spot right? Yes but would it be the right time? 

Well for starters the NBA draft is not until October so the chance that a rookie would participate is not likely so who would participate in a supposed summer league in a pandemic year? According to ESPN Adrian Worjnarowski the 8 teams that did not enter the bubble which are the Atlanta Hawks, Charlotte Hornets, Chicago Bulls, Cleveland Cavaliers, Detroit Pistons, Golden State Warriors, and the New York Knicks are planning to hold some sort of summer league.

They have asked the league to start training earlier because at seasons end they would have been off for a whopping 8 months. The NBA has yet to formally address if the summer league will be in the fall or not. If they somehow do I will be particularly exited because maybe we will see talent like Trae Young because rookies wouldn't be apart of it, it would make for great exhibition basketball in replace for a summer pastime