Alone, no one can feel or see your pain, it's non-existent in the eyes of the people that matter the most to you. Feeling as dumbfounded as ever about the direction of your life, and that is quite the contrary in what you believe a man should feel. What do we do about it? On the surface "men suck it up" would be the locker room speech you would have for yourself.

Certain men handle things differently, or do they? The communication of feelings is broad among men but it is a critical decision as to how and with who we share our sensitive feelings. The choice in times can be fatal to relationships, employment and literally fatal to one's physical health.

The breakdown begins long before anyone notices, you have decided that you would only communicate bits of pieces of your pain, making you seem as regular as possible, while on the inside the destruction begins. Drug addiction, multiple relationships, alcohol addiction, binge eating, lack of self, are forms of mental illness and depression, we understand this but the less control I seem to have the less responsibility I feel I have to shoulder. Surely you feel your manhood will get some sort of hall pass because of the addictions. You somehow were so compromised you feel anyone should be able to understand.

The underlying issue is sometimes as men we feel as if we are the answer to many questions and when we don't have one for ourselves we better not ask anyone else. Almost as if you were giving someone the key to your home. The notion that we see all over media and TV is that mental illness is when someone is broken all the way down and then we get help. Communication is the key and not only who you talk to is important but as well as how.

Self-destruction is only a huge cry for . Talk to your brother, husband, son, cousin, or nephew today, give them the floor just listen



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