The Progress Report Podcast Show

You will quickly notice the subtle vibe in the air as you take the journey with Trevaris and his guest as we discuss mental health in the world of sport as well as other aspect of life. Although rather reserved on air with his calm, witty deliverance, that is not to be mistaken by his passion for mental health awareness.

As someone who has always had a opinion on just about everything, a podcaster is just something he never saw in his future. He proclaims this to a movement not a podcast, join the people and tackle mental health and laugh a little along the way.  

My Mission

I started this podcast with one goal in mind, that is to help people. I have encountered a vast array of individuals in my lifetime and one thing we all have in common is pain. Some of us carry burdens so deep it is unimaginable how we find the strength to carry on, but we are here. This is not your normal " I know it all" podcast. In fact, I welcome all people in this movement because I myself suffer from mental illness. Take this journey with me, I will get people in the right direction for help, be a voice and a ear when needed. Be Productive, Be Progressive and be Proactive.



““I have learned over the years that when one’s mind is made up, this diminishes fear; knowing what must be done does...

Rosa Parks

All Hands In

Please be patient as we grow!!
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